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Efficient Commercial Lighting Upgrades in Washington Square West, PA; LED, Fluorescent Lights & More

Important in any business location is effective outdoor lighting. In addition to highlighting your brand, the proper lighting ensures the safety of your customers, visitors, and your employees. A well-lit facility can discourage trespassing and break-ins as well. With the most effective lighting, ensure safety and the success of your business. Upgrading your outdoor lighting may also save you money with the many energy saving options that are available today. Today, we at Neary Tech would like to take the opportunity to discuss lighting upgrades for your commercial business.

Advantages of Upgrading Commercial Lighting

Business owners end up costing themselves thousands of dollars in wasted energy from the old and outdated, energy-absorbent lighting for the many commercial buildings that were built only ten to twenty years ago. By holding on to antiquated lighting systems, more than 75 percent of buildings are over twenty years old collectively waste more than $50 billion dollars annually, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. One that will provide the highest return on investment among major upgrades, new lighting is a positive investment in your business. This combination could pay for itself within three to five years and save your business up to 25% annually on lighting energy with updated energy-saving bulbs, fixtures and controls. Upgraded outdoor lighting systems offer the following benefits listed below in addition to the others already mentioned.
– Energy savings increase
– Better visibility for your business and brand
– Maintenance needs become reduced
– Peace of mind and safety improve
– Optimize lighting quality
– Lighting performance and productivity is enhanced
– Fewer bulbs to replace

How Do You Upgrade Commercial Lights?

There are many different options that you can choose from, and it is a wise choice to upgrade the outdoor lighting at your business. The professional will make the best recommendations for your business, some examples can include:
1) LED Lighting. As it often translates into thousands of hours for a business, LED lighting uses much less energy than traditional lighting and lasts up to 25 percent longer than incandescent bulbs.
2) Commercial Fluorescent Lighting. Up to one third less energy than incandescent lighting and can last up to ten times longer is used with these overhead lighting options.
3) HID Lighting. To produce large quantities of very bright light, high intensity discharge (HID) lights are extremely efficient and great for warehouse and commercial settings.
4) Halogen Lighting. Great for outdoor applications such as security and stadium lighting are halogen lights are twice as efficient as incandescent lights and their bright white light.
5) Sensors. Energy savings, convenience, and safety is provided with sensor lighting. To signals such as light, movement, and temperature, occupancy and daylight sensors will respond.
6) Dimmers. You are better allowed to control light intensity and save energy with dimmer.

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There are many solutions available that can enhance your business’s productivity and safety while reducing operating costs. To get started upgrading your business’s lighting, call in the professionals of Neary Tech is readily available to help you get the upgrades you need.

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