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Electrical Repairs

Sooner or later, you will end up needing some type of electrical repair. This may be from regular use, lack of maintenance or damage. No matter what your reason is, Neary Tech provides safe, efficient and time saving electrical repair solutions. We can come to your home or business property, diagnose the issue, and quickly repair it. We cannot stress enough that DIY electrical repairs are extremely dangerous and should always be avoided. Electrical systems are not just fickle, they come with the real possibility of electrical fires and electrocution for inexperienced tinkerers. Do not risk it. Call us for all your electrical repair needs.

Electrical Upgrades

Whether you are building new construction, renovating, or remodeling a home or commercial premises, there are many choices to make. Electrical upgrades are among the most effective projects in terms of improving functionality, safety, energy efficiency and even property value. Some of the electrical upgrades Neary Tech offers include:
– Electrical Panel Upgrades
– Smart Upgrades
– LED Lights
– Additional Outlets
– Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)
– Electrical Wiring Rework
– Charging Stations
– Energy Monitors

Electrical Inspections

While many of our clients are currently in the market for a new home or commercial premises, anyone can take advantage of our affordable electrical inspection services. You can call Neary Tech if you are buying or selling a property, undergoing renovations or simply as preventive maintenance to catch small problems before they escalate. With the latest in electrical inspection technologies, nothing escapes the careful eye of our skilled contractors, however out of sight it can be. We will go over every part of the building’s electrical system, assessing its condition and noting any present or potential problem areas. At the close of the inspection, we will provide a thorough report that covers exactly what we discovered, including a quote for any repairs which would need to be done in order to bring the electrical system up to code.

Electrical Installations

Unlike other home improvement projects such as painting or assembly; DIY electrical work including fixture installations is never recommended. For the safety of your loved ones and integrity of your electrical systems, it is vital to hire an experienced contractor like Neary Tech to perform this work. We will make sure the fixture gets installed safely and efficiently, and won’t lead to any issues going forward. Our electrical installation services include the following:
– Wiring and Panel Installations
– Appliance and Lighting Installations
– Generator Installations
– Electrical Safety & Life System Equipment Installations

New Construction Electrical

When it comes to electrical systems; quality, and safety are paramount. At Neary Tech, we work with an extreme attention to detail so that all fixtures are installed correctly and according to code. You can also trust us to keep you informed with friendly, thorough communication at every turn. When undertaking new construction electrical, we ensure all electrical components are installed safely as well as to code specifications right from the start. Call us to work with you on your new construction project to ensure the final product meets or exceeds both of our expectations!

Interior Lighting

Whether you want to customize the lighting or increase the energy efficiency in your home or business, Neary Tech is ready to help. We can handle any lighting design and installation project, no matter how big or small. Some examples of the interior lighting services we offer is as follows:
– Ceiling Lighting
– Recessed Lighting
– Track Lighting
– Chandelier Lighting
– Wall Sconce Lighting
– Media Room Lighting
– Pendant Lighting
– Undercabinet Lighting
– Task Lighting
– Ambient Lighting
– Art & Accent Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Are you ready to enhance the look and feel of your property after dark? Neary Tech can transform your outdoor spaces with low-voltage architectural and landscape lighting. Whether you want to add mood lighting to a patio space or are looking to improve the safety of your stairs and walkways with soft lighting, our ultimate goal is to provide a display that you will marvel at night after night. Call us to create lighting displays that perfectly fits your needs, preferences and budget. We will make sure that after the sun goes down, your property shines. Some of the exterior lighting services we can help you with include:
– Spotlights
– Flood Lights
– Up / Downlights
– Step Lights
– Motion Lights
– Other Landscape Lights

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