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owner for homepageWelcome to Neary Tech – the trusted General Contractors that specialize in electrical work in Greater Philadelphia, PA. We are locally family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured. In addition, our owner has over a decade of experience and supervises all jobs. At Neary Tech, we offer each job the personal service and attention to detail it deserves.

We are committed to providing homes and businesses like yours with a brighter, more efficient living and working space. Our contractors arrive in fully stocked vehicles and specialize in same day service calls to troubleshoot and solve emergency electrical problems. We offer expert Electrical Service including Wiring, Re-Wiring, Outlets, Circuits, Breakers, Fuses, Outlets, Electrical Panels, Surge Protection, Transfer Switches, Home Automation, Wireless Security Systems, Interior & Exterior Lighting, EV Chargers, Pool & Spa GFCIs, Fixtures and much more. Call Neary Tech to discuss your next electrical or lighting project today!

Electrical Repairs

Neary Tech is qualified to handle a wide range of electrical problems that might occur in your home or business. We will properly identify the issue so that we can address it correctly and offer you a practical resolution. Whether you have some outlets that no longer provide power or flickering lights, we are ready to assist.

Electrical Upgrades

Whether you are renovating your current house, undergoing a tenant improvement at your business, or moving into an older home or commercial premises; upgrading your electrical system is vital to keeping the power running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Neary Tech can expertly perform the electrical upgrades you need.

Electrical Inspections

There is never a bad time to get your property inspected, because being informed of issues before they cause further damage always pays off! Call Neary Tech when you are buying or selling a home or commercial property, undergoing renovations or as part of routine maintenance.

Electrical Installations

DIY electrical installations are never recommended. For the safety of your loved ones and the integrity of your fixtures and systems, it is essential to have a professional contractor perform this work. Neary Tech will make sure it gets done safely and won’t lead to any issues going forward.

New Construction Electrical

At Neary Tech, we ensure all electrical components are installed safely as well as to code. If you already have the designs finalized, we will follow the blueprint to your exact specifications and arrange our team to seamlessly integrate with your time table. If not, we can make helpful suggestions!

Interior Lighting

We know that indoor lighting is an essential part of interior design, but it can also be a major source of energy consumption. For that reason, Neary Tech helps families and businesses install lighting that best aligns with their lifestyle and their budget. Call us to schedule a lighting consultation to illuminate the inside of your home or business today!

Exterior Lighting

Landscape and other exterior lighting can greatly improve the aesthetics, function and safety of your property. Neary Tech can install low-voltage landscape lights or line-voltage lighting. We will help you determine the best location, complete the installation with secure connections and test for proper functioning without overloading your electrical system.

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