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DIY Electrical Dangers in Little Silver, NJ; Hire a Licensed Electrician to Prevent Fires, Accidents & More

There is something to be said about professionals who have the countless years of experience of hours upon hours a day perfecting their trade. Watching their knowing hands smoothly deliver precision and superior results is made to look so simple, often giving the false interpretation that you can tackle the same project with the same outcome. As a result, more and more people attempt to save a few bucks and take on different projects themselves. Where there are many applications where this approach proves fruitful, there are some aspects that should be left for professionals for a multitude of reasons and we at Neary Tech would like to list a few reasons as to why unless you have training in electrical work, your needs should be filled by a certified electrician to avoid hazards that can be catastrophic for a number of different reasons.

DIY VS Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Below are the primary reasons as to why any electrical projects should be taken care of by a licensed professional.
1) Prevent Electrical Fires: Literally hundreds of electrical fires every year are the cause of unstable wiring systems and improper connections. Every three years the National Fire Protection Agency is updated and published the code book that licensed electricians routinely study and are well versed with current electrical strategies and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent fires from occurring.
2) Accident Prevention: To impress upon the dangers of working with electricity, it is important to know that unless the job is performed correctly it can also cause serious injury or safety hazards to persons. This is not a tactic to persuade the masses into hiring an electrician but a fact that if improperly handled, people can sustain severe injuries or even death. All safety aspects, when dealing with electricity, is learned and implemented by experienced and trained electricians; as they spend thousands of hours preparing themselves for their skilled trade.
3) Damage to Property: Electricity is a temperamental thing, the wrong move can easily fry or melt the wiring belonging to appliances or electrical equipment, in some cases, the surge of electricity can completely damage your investment, leaving the added expense of replacing them. Additionally, the wiring within the structure can falter as well. Because of the increased DIY attempts, many insurance companies will not pay for any damages if electrical work was not done by a professional, licensed, and insured electrician in some states. Doing DIY electrical can cost you more in the long run despite that many people desire to save money and have the satisfaction of “doing it yourself”. Keep in mind even the most simplest of tasks can be detrimental if you do not know what you are doing and what looks to be an easy do it yourself project can quickly evolve into a nightmare due to inexperience.

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Instead of risking property damage, injury and worst yet, death; call Neary Tech and let our experts do the rest.

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